A very special place in the World.


at the foot of the first dunes of the Moroccan Sahara.  

Come to us, to the edge of life, from the snowy mountains of the High Atlas, over the stony plains of the Anti Atlas to the green Oases and the beautiful Casbahs in the Draa Valley. This was the legendary Caravan Route from Marrakech to Timbuktu. See the river Draa disappearing in the desert - the great sand-desert begins...ride a camel, sleep a night in the desert with the nomads in their tent...
watch the incredible Sahara Sky with billions of Stars, Nebulae and Galaxies at our Star Terrace.

I wanted to build a hotel like a Kasbah, in the traditional way of this region. It took 4 years and some stamina to build and finish... In 1998 we opened our Kasbah Hotel as an accomplished synthesis of the Saharan landscape, its specific colors and arid sanddunes with the unexpected comfort of its interior.

My personnel are local Berbers. Our restaurant serves authentic berber cuisine. Our hotel bar offers the best of Moroccan wines, beers and international brands of liquor and sports a billard table and Darts.


Then, inspired by the black Saharan sky, we installed SaharaSky®, the first private observatory in North Africa, equipped with state-of-the-art GPS amateur telescopes.

It was not always easy... I am proud, that my hotel belongs to the 100 leading special places in Morocco so close to the Sahara Desert.

I am looking forward to your visit.

Fritz Gerd Koring
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From experience beginning october til june temperatures here are pleasant !

 During the month of Ramadan 2014 (06/27 - 07/27/14) SaharaSky will stay closed

Discover the Sahara in 3 days!